MUX - Text attributes are cleared when there is a Help Text field
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MUX - Text attributes are cleared when there is a Help Text field


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create a Custom Investment object and add 3 string text attributes and a static lookup to the new CIT.
2. In MUX, Create a new blueprint for the custom investment created in step 1.
3. Edit the blueprint and on the Properties page create a new Section and add the 3 text attributes and the lookup to the new section.
4. Add a Help Text attribute to the section.
5. Publish the Blueprint.
6. Add an instance of the CIT and assign the blueprint created in step 2.
7. Edit the new instance and go to the Properties page
8. Enter a value in the Description, then enter values in the test attributes in the section created, then select a value from the dropdown and move to the next attribute.

Expected Results:
All data in all attributes (Help Text and normal text) should be retained.

Actual Results:
Text from the Description is cleared as is the contents of the Help Text fields. 

Replace the info boxes with secured fields pre-populated with the info text as a work-around.


Version: 16.1.3




DE78389 - Will be addressed in the Clarity 16.2.1 and