IDMS CV specific startup modules
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IDMS CV specific startup modules


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Why would a CV have a startup module with a name such as IDMSCVnn where nn is any two digit number?


Environment: All releases.


Prior to r18.0, IDMS supplied a macro called #DCPARM. With the #DCPARM macro, it was possible to assemble and link a startup module and provide any name for the load module. CV startup parameters were provided in the #DCPARM macro call.

For this reason, some installations may see an old CV startup job with an EXEC statement such as EXEC PGM=IDMSCV01. It also meant that clients would, in general, create a different startup module name for each CV.


This method is no longer necessary because it is possible to specify the startup parameters on the EXEC statement. This means that all IDMS CVs can use the startup module name RHDCOMVS, or one of the aliases, IDMSDC or IDMSCV. The maintenance of IDMS startup JCL is therefore much easier.

It also means that for the support of AllowUserKeyCSA(NO) - which is now compulsory and requires a PPT entry for the startup module, only one entry is needed.

The #DCPARM macro has not been provided since r18.0.