Uninstall of Enterprise Communicator Fails
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Uninstall of Enterprise Communicator Fails


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Uninstall of the Enterprise Communicator (PEC) in Harvest 14.5 fails with the following error:

LoadAndLink: LoadLibrary Failed


CA Harvest Change Manager 14.5

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


In earlier releases (v13.0.3 and v14.0.x) of Harvest, MSVCR71.dll was bundled and installed in %CA_SCM_HOME%. Therefore, in Harvest v13.0.x and v14.0.x , the PEC uninstall is successful.

In the Harvest 14.5 release, due to the internal upgrade of .NET framework components, MSVCR71.dll was removed from %CA_SCM_HOME% due to compatibility of other components.

The absence of MSVCR71.dll  from %CA_SCM_HOME% is the cause of the PEC uninstall failing in Harvest 14.5

Solution would be to bring back MSVCR71.DLL into %CA_SCM_HOME%.

If a formal fix is required, please contact Broadcom Support for further assistance.

Additional Information

As there is no update of PEC versions in Harvest 14.5, Harvest v14.5 continues to use the older PEC version and therefore there is no real need to uninstall.