Spectrum and vMotion
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Spectrum and vMotion


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CA Spectrum


Our primary SpectroSERVER needs to move off its soon to be unsupported physical server. The direction is to migrate all physical servers to VMs. The requirements found under 'Operating Environment and Systems Setup' states concerns regarding vMotion and to shutdown processes before running. Our VM standard is to support vMotion by default. We currently have multiple VMs running Spectrum applications (OneClick, CABI, secondary SpectroSERVER) that do vMotion and have not experienced any issues. Is the vMotion requirement directly related to issues with interfaced application (APM, UIM, VNA, Performance Center) then with the SpectroSERVER.  Are there known issues related to Spectrum applications and vMotion?


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We have had reports of the SpectroSERVER database getting corrupted or the SpectroSERVER application crashing when running a vMotion. That is why it is recommended to shutdown before running a vMotion.

With that said, if you are not able to shutdown before running a vMotion, then it is highly recommended to ensure your SpectroSERVER and Archive Manager database backups are running successfully. That way, if there is a SpectroSERVER crash or the database gets corrupted after a vMotion, you have a good recent database you can restore to.