What DX NetOps components use SSH?
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What DX NetOps components use SSH?


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration CA Spectrum CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)



  • Spectrum:
    • Covers Spectrum SpectroSERVER, OneClick (java client and WebApp) and SRM/CABI integration.
    • Answer: Spectrum's only SSH use is in NCM functionality.
      • Only used if devices supporting/requiring SSH are configured for NCM.
      • Spectrum would use SSH in that scenario, but it's not in control of the SSH tools.
      • Spectrum doesn't require, install or control SSH tools.
      • Under the control of system admins.
  • PM:
    • Covers the Portal web server, Data Aggregator, Data Collector and Data Repository component systems.
    • Answer: Performance Managers only use of SSH is for Data Repository (DR) DB nodes.
      • Vertica requires it for install/upgrade cycles run by the install owner, and for regular operation by the OS level DB admin user. It's also used in remote host backup processing.
      • Performance Manager doesn't care which specific ciphers are available for use. We only care about a successful connection between systems. That is what really matters, whether or not after disabling ciphers a valid SSH connection between systems can still be made.
      • Managing the ciphers allowed/used by SSH is done at the OS level by system admins. Configure sshd to use whatever ciphers are required.
      • Performance Manager will use the system ssh to talk to the system sshd. There should be some common cipher available to SSH tools after having disabled the weak ones.
  • NFA:
    • Covers all NFA component systems.
    • Answer: There is no use of SSH by NFA components. Any SSH use on NFA is hosts isn't required by the software.