View's Primary Sysout Selection screen is LOCKED due to containing INVALID characters
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View's Primary Sysout Selection screen is LOCKED due to containing INVALID characters


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A user cut & pasted a string of data into the View Primary Selection screen and as a result, the users screen becomes LOCKED if they attempt to clear out or delete any fields on the screen or press ENTER. We are able to free/force the user off of View however now, whenever they go back to the Primary Selection screen, the same data is there again and their screen becomes locked again if they try to manipulate the screen.

We have confirmed that we already have PTF LU03825 - PASTED INVALID CHARACTERS CAUSE VIEW/DLVR SCREEN LOCK/FROZEN  applied.

How can we prevent this same cycle of the invalid data being stored in the users profile, and their screen freezing again whenever they access the Primary Selection screen in View?

Is there a way to reset or clear the invalid characters?


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The screen is being LOCKED because it contains invalid/unrecognized character(s) that View is unable to process. 


- PTF LU03825 is an EBC fix that allows View to convert "some" invalid characters into a period, so that the Primary Selection screen does not freeze when the screen is manipulated or the ENTER key is pressed. Unfortunately, some invalid characters can not be converted, and this fix does not prevent a user from pasting other/all possible invalid characters into the Primary Sysout Selection screen.

- First, try having the problem user logon to View again, and upon entry to the Primary Selection panel, have them type the 'S * ASIS' derivative of the SELECT command in the command line BEFORE pressing ENTER. This should reset/clear out ALL fields on the Primary Selection list screen that might contain un-processable "invalid characters" when the enter key is pressed.

(Since the SELECT command will override the values coded in any of the fields on the Primary Selection screen, the result of this command would be that all reports would be presented to the user on the Sysout Selection List screen however, when they back out of the Sysout Selection List screen, the invalid character(s) will have been removed from the primary selection screen and therefore would NOT be saved in the users profile).

- If for some reason the above 'S * ASIS' command does not work, see the following Knowledge Article which outlines the traditional method of DELETING the problem user from the View database and then RE-ADDING them. This process will delete their old profile and, upon logging on to View for the first time, will create a new profile for them:

Article ID: 10533 - Cannot select sysout - Receiving "Invalid Sysout ID" message

Additional Information

For more information on the SELECT command, see "The SELECT Command