Passing credentials to REST API through endpoint URI
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Passing credentials to REST API through endpoint URI


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Is there a way to pass credentials directly to an Automic REST API endpoint rather than through the Authentication headers? 

For example, if someone wanted to integrate the Prometheus endpoint with an internal grafana setup, it does not have a way to pass credentials.  Is there a way to make the endpoint visible without a username/password?


REST API 12.3, 21.0


There isn't any way to use the endpoint without authorization.  That said, the authorization is basic authorization which can be passed through the uri endpoint.  The traditional format with authentication through the headers is usually:


with the username and password passed through the headers looks like this (additions in bold):


Sometimes a department must be used, so the %2F is required for the / in the user/dept.  It is also possible to use no password if the user has no password.  The format for this looks like this:


As a full example to system/health on client 100 with user AUTOMIC/AUTOMIC and password pass at and using http, the final uri endpoint is:

http://automic%2Fautomic:[email protected]:8088/ae/api/v1/0100/system/health