Incorrect filesystem type displayed in cdm probe for all Linux servers
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Incorrect filesystem type displayed in cdm probe for all Linux servers


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


cdm probe on linux machines is showing incorrect filesystem type.

In the server, we can see the filesystem type is xfs whereas in cdm probe, it is showing filesystem type as tmpfs.


  • cdm probe version : 6.84, 7.10
  • Linux version:3.10 (RHEL 7)
  • Robot version: 9.35


Note : we are facing this issue for all linux servers


  • OS configuration


On the systems where the filesystem type was displaying as tmpfs, instead of the actual file system tye value of xfs, this was due to the nimbus service running with 'sandboxing' (in a different namespace). For example, the customer used the option 'ProtectHome=true' which protects the /home mount. The customer added all the related/additional protection options in an add-on config file.

To check this you can run the command-> lsns and it can be seen that the nimbus.service is actually spawned with a different namespace of type-> mnt. In effect, the child processes, for example, the cdm probe also uses the sandboxed namespace which causes this issue.

DX UIM probes require the nimbus.service to be running with the required privileges if the filesystems are to be properly monitored.

'Sandboxing' is an unsupported configuration.

To resolve this issue, in this case, the additional configuration file was renamed and nimbus.service was restarted.

This makes the nimbus.service run without 'sandboxing' and as a result, it then has appropriate access to the mounts like /home and others. Also, the lsns command should no longer show a different sandboxed namespace for the nimbus.service.