Migration process to new v11 container gateway
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Migration process to new v11 container gateway


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CA API Gateway


Our business is looking to migrate from Layer7 API gateway (v10.1) appliance form factor to the Layer7 API container gateway (v11). The documentation gives the process as exporting out entities using GMU from the source gateway, standing up a new container gateway and then importing the entities into the destination gateway using GMU, and then applying extra configurations not in the database:


Our business will be hosting the MySQL database externally. Is it possible to copy the MySQL ssg database source gateway, import it into the externally hosted MySQL server, and then point the new container gateway at that database when deploying it through helm?


API Gateway 10.1, 11.x


You can do a mysqldump of your GW 10.1 ssg database and import it into your external database. When you specify the external database in your YAML file, it will be automatically upgraded to a GW 11.0 schema. 

You will be able to verify this by checking the ssg version with the following query: select * from ssg.ssg_version;