Export aliases from the SMG
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Export aliases from the SMG


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Messaging Gateway


How can I export aliases from the SMG?


However, the web interface doesn't have an export option, only an import, but there is a way to export the information by creating a diagnostic packet from the control center.

How to collect a diagnostics package from the Messaging Gateway

There you will find the aliases.txt file, which contains all the alias information.


There is another way to get this file, but we do not recommend it as it requires a higher-level user to enable it.

You must first enable the support user. Log in as Admin and run the set-support command and set a temporary password. Note that the support user will only be active for one week.

To download the aliases.txt file, simply log into the SMG as support user using WinSCP and navigate to the /data/bcc/temp/ directory.

You can also utilize the command:

scp support@<SMG_IP>:/data/bcc/temp/aliases.txt <target_directory>