Powervaut Storage Array GUI does not respond
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Powervaut Storage Array GUI does not respond


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The storage array GUI was not available to update the firmware.  No response from the browser when pointing it to the GUI.  When pinging the same IP address, it responds.


U144/U840 storage array release GT280R006


The management controller can be restarted without impacting disk I/O because it does not manage the disk I/O.

  1. Connect to controller B using the second IP address configured for the storage array.  If it is not responsive, then the controller may need to be restarted. 
  2. ssh to the same IP address used for the GUI and use the same username and password. 
  3. Once the CLI # is received, run restart mc.  This will take 5-10 minutes to restart the controller.  When you can ping it again, connect to the GUI using your browser.

For example,

ssh <username>@<hostname>
(<username>@<hostname>) Password:

System Name: systemname
System Location: Data Center
Version: GT280R011-01
# restart mc
During the restart process you will briefly lose communication with the specified Management Controller(s).
Do you want to continue? (y/n) y
Info: Restarting the local MC (A)...
Success: Command completed successfully. (2022-11-22 01:30:55)

# Killed
Connection to <hostname> closed.


If this does not work, contact support.