How to create ID Store with sample data in VIP AuthHub?
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How to create ID Store with sample data in VIP AuthHub?


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VIP Authentication Hub


VIP AuthHub supports Multi-tenant configurations. In this kind of configurations, we may need to run a separate Identity Store (ID Store) for each tenant.
How can we run Symantec Directory pod for this ID Store?


VIP AuthHub 2.1.x


You can do the following steps to run a Symantec Directory ID Store.

1. Add VIP AuthHub repository and update

helm repo add ssp_helm_charts

helm repo update

2. (Optional) Create a new namespace, e.g. example-namespace

kubectl create namespace example-namespace

3. Helm install ssp-symantec-dir under the new namespace

helm install <name> -n <namespace> ssp_helm_charts/ssp-symantec-dir \
--set global.registry.credentials.username=<username> \
--set global.registry.credentials.password=<password>

  Replace <name> with an appropriate release name, e.g. example-idstore
  Replace <username> and <password> to the correct username and password that is valid to access the repository

4. Get the node port

kubectl get --namespace <namespace> -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services <name>-ssp-symantec-dir

5. Get the node IP

kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath="{.items[0].status.addresses[0].address}"

6. You can use an LDAP Browser to access the node IP/node port using the default credential that is shown as the result of helm install