Allocation Figure mismatch in Staffing Workspace
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Allocation Figure mismatch in Staffing Workspace


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When the work for measure selected is % Availability, then the converted allocation figures in Staffing >> "Allocations by Investment tab", does not match with the allocation figures in "Staff" tab of Project, when the Resource calendar hours does not match with that of the Standard calendar hours. For the same data setup, if the work for measure is set as Hours OR FTE, then the allocation figures matches across the workspaces

Steps to reproduce are as below:

  1. Setup the Calendars in the system with the following shifts
    • Standard – 7 hours
    • Base Calendar India – 8 hours
    • Base Calendar UK – 7 hours
  2. Setup the following Resources with respective UK and India calendars, as created on Step 1 and allocate them to a project
    • Calendar, Test_India -> associated calendar: Base Calendar India (8hrs)
    • Calendar, Test_UK -> associated calendar: Base Calendar UK (7 hrs)
    • Note: Unit of Measure = hours
  3. Change the Unit of Measure = % Availability and note the figures
  4. Navigate to the Staffing workspace and access the Allocation by Investment tab. Filter for the project as mentioned in Step 2. Match the allocation figures as observed on Step 3

Expected Results:
The Allocation figures in Staffing: Allocations by Investment tab, should match uniformly with the Staffing / Project Staff tab, respectively. When the unit of measure selected is %Availability
Actual Results:
The Allocation figure does not match between Staffing: Allocations by Investment tab and Staff tab of Project / Staffing. The Staff tab figures matches between Project and Staffing. However, the Allocation figures does not match in Allocations by Investment tab, where the Resource calendar does not match the Standard Calendar


Version: 16.1.3.




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