JasperSoft Error - Parameter "REPORT_CONTEXT" does not exist
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JasperSoft Error - Parameter "REPORT_CONTEXT" does not exist


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After upgrading from JasperSoft 7.9 to 8.1.1, the following error appears in the JasperSoft log:

ERROR JSControlledJdbcQueryExecuter,pool-18-thread-9:179 - exception occurred while setting queries to reportContext net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: Parameter "REPORT_CONTEXT" does not exist.

This error occurs when running Jasper reports that have some input controls that contain a SQL query.

Jasper reports execute fine, but this error is showing in the logs.


JasperSoft 8.1.1

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


This "Parameter REPORT_CONTEXT does not exist '' exception comes from the refactored JasperReports Server (JRS) code handling the server monitoring that was introduced in JasperSoft 8.1.1.

The error occurs due to a query-based input control linked to a report.

Unfortunately, at present, this message can not be eliminated.

It does not affect the report execution, so it can be safely ignored.