Primary key constraint violation during normality processing
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Primary key constraint violation during normality processing


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Information Centric Analytics


The RiskFabric Processing job fails on step 11 (Update LDW_Core) or the RiskFabric Intraday Processing job fails on step 10 (Update LDW_Core) and the following error message is captured in the SQL Server Agent history log:

Stored Procedure Name: dbo.spNormality_ProcessNormality Error Message: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_LDW_EventNormality'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.LDW_EventNormality'. The duplicate key value is (<EventID>, <EventTypeCode>).


Version : 6.x

Component : Normality


During normal operations, the normality processing tables are dropped and re-created by the stored procedure named in the error message (dbo.spNormality_ProcessNormality). This precludes the insertion of keys containing duplicate identifiers; however, if normality processing is interrupted by a service restart caused by a power outage, server restart, or other terminating event, the table will persist and remain extant when normality processing runs again.


By design, this error will resolve itself during the next nightly or intraday job. No action is needed by the user.