Gen Web Generation web.xml file <env-entry-name> for "LoadModuleList"
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Gen Web Generation web.xml file <env-entry-name> for "LoadModuleList"


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During the assembly of a Gen Web Generation application, a web.xml file is generated which is included in the .war file inside the .ear file.
We override the generated file with a custom web.xml file because we require other information to be stored in it.
We noticed that at the bottom of the web.xml file, a <env-entry> with "<env-entry-name>LoadModuleList</env-entry-name>" whose "<env-entry-value>" contains a very long string of all the Window Managers packaged into the .war file.

1. Is the LoadModuleList required for functionality reasons or can it be removed?
2. If LoadModuleList is required can a carriage return be added after each load module mentioned or should all be concatenated as one string?


Example for web.xml file with 2 Cooperative Web Generation clients (Window Managers) named W1 and W2 assembled into the same war file:


1. Gen Engineering has advised that the Gen Java runtime relies on the load module list in a number of places for fundamental operations (flows between load modules and their procedure steps all within the context of the JVM). 
Therefore the web.xml file "LoadModuleList" is required and should not be removed, otherwise unforeseen problems may occur.

2. The Gen runtimes rely on standard Java APIs to read and parse the value of the LoadModuleList entry. As the web.xml is a generated file every possible layout and structure of the file and its contents has not been tested. Based on Java documentation it appears that breaking the line with carriage returns may also work, with emphasis on the word 'may'. Thus for any such changes, all applications should be thoroughly tested BEFORE putting them into production.