Deleting, renaming, disabling default Asset Statuses
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Deleting, renaming, disabling default Asset Statuses


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IT Management Suite


You are creating custom asset statuses reflecting your company's needs based on the following KB article:

"How to create and use custom Status types for computers" KB 180715

However, you ended up with a large list of asset statuses on your right-click options.


Can we change/rename, delete, or disable some default asset statuses is it possible?


ITMS 8.x


Unfortunately no.
The default ones can't be deleted or renamed (well, they can be deleted/renamed but it requires accessing the database and updating the references directly on the respective tables but that approach is not supported). 
About hiding/disabling them, there is not a specific setting/page that does that. You will need to play with Security Roles and remove the permissions for a specific Security Role to those specific menu options.