Logmon probe: Check missing text in a log file at a scheduled time every day
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Logmon probe: Check missing text in a log file at a scheduled time every day


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  • Through the logmon probe, I would like to check if there is missing text in a log file at a scheduled time every day and then a Nimbus alarm/email alarm would be generated.

  • The desired string is present at 12:00 A.M. midday as expected and its scheduled script runs every day at the same time.

  • The customer's script had run for a couple of minutes after midday with the following outcome inside the log file:

  • [AppLauncher.java:378] 2023-11-03 12:00:59,884 INFO [main] Finished campaign processing. Details: Finished processing of 11 campaign run(s) in 0:00:57.885

  • The same string is present again every 1 minute inside the log file (logmon probe profile's check interval is every 2 hours).

  • Unfortunately, in the current case, the scheduled update runs every 24 hours, and if the desired string is missing, then (logmon profile's check interval every 10 minutes).

  • Some Nimbus email alarms started firing when I configured the logmon's profile, before and after 12:00 A.M. midday.

  • Moreover, setting the logmon probe to run as a timed probe does not resolve this scheduling issue as the time set applies to all not just selected profiles.

  • Is there any option in logmon for setting up a time schedule for the logmon probe's profile regarding the check interval? Or else check interval should be set to 24 hours instead of 10 minutes? Please advise.


  • UIM 20.4
  • logmon 4.20


  • logmon v4.20 has no built-in scheduler


logmon 4.21 now has a built-in scheduler feature. Schedules can be created and applied to specific profiles.

Using a logmon schedule you can control when monitoring is in effect and when alarms are generated, e.g., within the desired scheduled day/days and time period, e.g., 21:15 to 21:20 (see alarm 'Time Received' in the alarm screenshot farther below).

The test schedule above was set to Wednesday, 21:15 to 21:20. Note that this is based on the system time of the machine/robot where you have logmon deployed.

The normal logmon 'check' interval can remain the same, e.g., set to every 45 seconds but the Schedule will be 'in effect' once applied to your profile. You will not receive an alarm outside of the Schedule window (as expected), when the schedule is assigned to your desired profile.

No alarms will be generated outside of the Schedule window as per test results. Schedules will work as expected within their window.

These defined schedules work for controlling when QOS is collected as well.

logmon v4.21 GA
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