PAM-CMN-2141 with new target account and database backup device
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PAM-CMN-2141 with new target account and database backup device


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


After changing the Database Target Account and Device to a new host, the scheduled database backups fail to get copied to the new host. The session log shows an error related to the old host. "PAM-CMN-2141: Error uploading gkscheddbxxxxxx.gz to [email protected]:/var/pam/dbbackup!"




PAM 4.1.3 introduced new functional enhancement Admins Can Now See All Target Account Information When Scheduling a Database Backup. This allows the selection of one of multiple target accounts on the UI. But when the actual DB backup runs, it is possible that it finds the wrong target application with name "CAPAM_DatabaseBackup" to get the device address and therefore uses the wrong address when trying to securely copy the backup file.


As a workaround, change the old target application to point to the new backup device, instead of creating a new target application for it. Update the target account credentials as needed.

This problem is expected to be fixed in future releases. At the time of this writing (Nov 15, 2023) it is not clear if the fix will make it into 4.1.6.