Blocked Task must be unblocked twice in workflow
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Blocked Task must be unblocked twice in workflow


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


A job that is a task in a workflow must be unblocked twice before it moves on.  There is a Post-Condition in the successor task and a Time & Dependencies or Pre-Condition in the predecessor task.


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This is caused by more than one mechanism blocking the task(s).  Blocking will always show on the first task.


The first task in the JOBP has a Post-Condition that requires the task end OK or else it will try to restart and then it will block.  

This must then be unblocked in order to move forward.

The next task in the workflow has a Time & Dependencies set for the first task to end ANY_OK or else block:

This also blocks the workflow since the preceding task did not end in an ANY_OK status and this second block must be removed before proceeding.  

The way to resolve this is to update the Time & Dependencies on the second task to remove the need for an ANY_OK status:

This will allow the unblock to only be needed once since the post-condition on the first task mentioned will take care of that.