Endevor CONLIST and IDILANGX Fault Analyzer output listings
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Endevor CONLIST and IDILANGX Fault Analyzer output listings


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A processor utilizing CONLIST to copy IDILANGX Fault Analyzer member IDIADATA output listing (RECFM=VB, LRECL=8188) will produce a compressed (not human readable) output listing. 


Endevor V19.0


CONLIST with PARM=STORE forces a listing created with RECFM=VB or RECFM=VBA into a compressed format, and subsequent CONLIST PARM=COPY of this listing will also be compressed.


To store the listing in an uncompressed or human readable format, then allocate the output library with RECFM=FBA.

If RECFM=VB or RECFM=VBA is needed, options are:

     1.  Uncompress the Endevor output listing that is stored with CONLIST by executing another CONLIST step using PARM='PRTMBR.MBR(mbr-name)'

     2.  Replace CONLIST with IEBCOPY with FOOTPRNT=CREATE on the output and create as a RECFM=VB dataset.

Additional Information

Reference Material:

Endevor techdocs under Mainframe Software / DevOps / EndevorĀ® 19.0 / Administrating / Processors / Processor Utilities / CONLIST Utility.
Broadcom KB article 263062 that demonstrates how to uncompress Endevor output listings stored with CONLIST using PARM='BC1PNCPY.'