Error: "Management Center failed to verify the authenticity of the download VPM resources."
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Error: "Management Center failed to verify the authenticity of the download VPM resources."


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Management Center Management Center - VA Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG ISG Proxy SWG VA-100


When launching the WebVPM (Visual Policy Manager) to edit policy via Management Center, the following error may be observed:

"Management Center failed to verify the authenticity of the download VPM resources. This may indicate that someone has tampered the software"


The error occurs when launching the WebVPM and choosing “Reference Device” (the default selection) and the Reference device for said Policy being edited is running an SGOS version before 7.3.17 or


The signing certificate of the WebVPM package expired on November 13, 2023.



  • The WebVPM can be launched by using the "Launch anyway" option to proceed past the warning.
  • The WebVPM can be launched using the "Launch from: Package" option:

    Management Center (MC) running has WebVPM package preinstalled, hence no further Image validation needs to happen. For any administrators that already using the WebVPM package option when editing VPM via Management Center as their usual process, no authenticity warning is expected.

Additional Information

MC versions before may not have the latest WebVPM or other Admin Console (AC) packages preinstalled or an administrator may have removed a preinstalled package. If you need to download the WebVPM package or other AC now, the following error may occur:

The reason for this is the same, the WebVPM package and other Admin Console packages expired November 13, 2023.

The new WebVPM package (signed by a valid certificate) is now available in the Broadcom Software Portal.

Click the "Show All releases" button on the download page to see all releases.

This can be seen near the bottom of the "Management Center - VA"  product.



Administrators that prefer to simply workaround this issue when installing the WebVPM package or ACs released before November 14, 2023,  backdating the MC's clock to Nov 13th, 2023 on MC should prevent the error.


MGMTcenter# clock day 13

Once the package is installed to MC, you can update the MC’s clock to current the current date ( clock day <current day>  ).

MGMTcenter# clock day 14