MUX API-1019 error Changing Yes_No Lookup Value
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MUX API-1019 error Changing Yes_No Lookup Value


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A lookup attribute was created on a sub-sub Object. The lookup is using the out of the box PAC_RPT_YESNO. When changing the value of the Lookup to a different value an API-1019 error is received and the value can't be changed.


1. Create a Custom Object. Create a sub-object for this Object, then create a sub-object for the new sub-object, so there are three levels.
2. Create an attribute on the sub-sub object using the Lookup PAC_RPT_YESNO. Configure so it defaults to "No".
3. In MUX create a Blueprint for the top level Object, and add the Sub-object Module.
4. Create a new item for the Object, then create a value on the sub-object. View the details, and create a value on the sub-sub object.
5. When attempting to alter the Lookup based attribute, it does not save

Expected Results: 

The new value should save

Actual Results:

It does not save


This is resolved in 16.2.0, and originally tracked as DE77655