Create an MCS device-profile where a group-profile is already deployed for a certain template
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Create an MCS device-profile where a group-profile is already deployed for a certain template


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We would like to create device-specific profiles to overwrite a pre-existing group profile deployed to a particular device. 
Currently, the MCS allows overwriting group profiles in single devices by creating "derived" profiles. 

The derived profiles retain a dependency to the originating group. So that when that group profile is deleted the device-specific profile is deleted as well, even if the device with the derived-profile is no longer part of that group. 

Because of this, customers cannot easily assign device-specific indipendent configurations after a group profile is assigned. 

Is it possible to create an independent device-profile, after a group-profile is applied, similar to a device-profile that is created without a profile group assigned previusly? 


UIM 20.4 CU9 and Earlier




The current design of MCS as per UIM 20.4CU9 does not allow the creation of a device-profile when a group profile for the same template is already assigned.

For specifying device-specific monitoring on top of a group profile derived profiles can be configured, but these keep a dependency on its ancestor group profile. 


At the moment, the ability to create Device Profiles when a group profile exists for a certain template is considered an Enhancement:

Below is the Idea in the UIM community: MCS device-specific profile on device, where group-level profile is already deployed


The Product Management Team has accepted this Enhancement and added in the backlog for future implementation. 

There is no ETA as of now: (Nov 2023)

Additional Information

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