Unable to add new Firewall devices to the SNMPCollector
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Unable to add new Firewall devices to the SNMPCollector


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I'm trying to add 16 new Firewall devices to the SNMPCollector.  I've added each IP to be discovered, but not all are being found. I then added each one manually and they found their correct IP and are visible in the SNMPCollector, but they are not being found in inventory. I added each device in the net_connect probe and that is not being found in the OC Inventory either.


  • UIM 20.4 CU8
  • snmpcollector v4.11


Solution to get some new firewalls added and displaying in the OC inventory individually with their correct IP.

Perform this procedure for each individual firewall:

1: In the discovery_server, using Raw Configure mode, enter a new key under the section:

device\correlation\defined_correlation_property\AllCorrelationNames\excluded_values and click Ok.


Value is the name the firewalls are all 'Reporting as' 

(Note: you might find this is different when you get to step 5 and in that case, you may have to adjust the value of the key above)

2: Select the device in the OC inventory and choose the 3 ellipses (dots) and delete but do NOT select "Prevent Rediscovery"

3: In the snmpcollector problem, select the device and choose "Force component rediscovery" for each device.

4: Search for the device in the OC inventory. Select the device to find its cs_id.

5: In the Operator Console->Go to the SLM and run the query->

   select * from cm_computer_system_attr where cs_id = (cs_id found in step 4)

6: VERIFY the name that the firewall 'should be' according to the proper individual device IP address. Locate the name it is 'Reporting as.'

7: Then with this information in hand, navigate again to the SLM and run this query->  

   update cm_computer_system_attr set cs_attr_value = '<FIREWALL_CLUSTER_NAME>where cs_id=1362474 and cs_attr_value = '<FIREWALL_CLUSTER_NODE#>'
Notes: cs_attr_value (Name it 'should be' to match the correct IP). 

cs_id (cs_id found in step 4 in inventory). 

cs_attr_value (Name it is currently 'reporting as').

8: Verify the name and IP match in Inventory in the OC.