Replacing WSS Agent (WSSA) with different tenants
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Replacing WSS Agent (WSSA) with different tenants


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


This is related to the situations where WSS Agent (WSSA) from a test Cloud SWG tenant is installed on a machine, and it needs to be replaced with the WSSA from a production tenant.

The other scenario would be when tenant merging happens, so all the machines in the company will need to point to the same tenant.




Each WSSA installer is stamped with a customer ID (which is the Cloud SWG tenant id). Once WSSA is installed, it will point to the same tenant even the WSSA upgrade (with the installer from the other tenant) is performed.

In order to change the tenant, WSSA needs to be uninstalled, and then the WSSA installer from the new tenant must be deployed.