Spooler probe shows disconnected. Error code 10055
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Spooler probe shows disconnected. Error code 10055


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Several Windows servers have an issue where the spooler stopped working and shows as disconnected: 


When this happens all other probes including the controller stay up and running, although the controller shows also some errors: 
When this happens spooler seems to show errors like: 
Oct  5 11:56:00:040 [43920] 0 spooler: nimSession - failed to connect session to ##.#.#.#:48001, error code 10055
Oct  5 11:56:00:040 [43920] nimSessionWaitMsg: got error on client session: 10054 
and consequently many messages that it cannot reach the hub. 
Tthese are network-related messages that seems to be only temporary, but bad enough to bring the spooler to that hung/not connected state. 
A simple restart of the spooler fixes the issue completely. Generally, it might take up to 1 week for this issue to reoccur. 


UIM 20.4.x.

Robot 9.x


The TCP socket error 10055 comes when "An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full. This error indicates a shortage of system resources. Contributing factors may include the number of programs running simultaneously, the amount of physical memory available, the size of the paging file and the amount of disk space available."

So this error is related to Windows server hosting UIM software and not related with the UIM product as such.


Below are some articles for more details and some resolutions proposed to bring up to the system team. 




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