Merging session definitions from two AP servers to a single new server
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Merging session definitions from two AP servers to a single new server


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I have 2 servers with Session Definitions defined on each, if I export both, can I import and merge the Session Definitions onto a new server without overwriting either?


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Automation Point


The instructions below describe how to export and merge Session Definitions from multiple existing AP servers to a single new server.

We recommend exporting the current configuration of the target server as a backup before before executing the procedures below.

Export configuration data from each of the two source servers:

1. On the source server, insert a USB flash drive or other portable storage device.

2. Open Configuration Manager.

3. Click on the File tab and select Manage Site Files, click on the Export to Standby button:

4. Add a unique name for the Export file and click OK:

5. Popup messages may appear asking if additional components should be added to the export – since Session Definitions are the focus, selecting No should be OK here:

6. The export zip file has now been created in the %AP_DATA%\Export directory - copy the export file to the portable storage device.

7. After performing this procedure for each source server, there should now be a unique export file for each source server on the external storage device:


Import and merge Session Definitions from the export file of each source server to the target server:

1. On the target server, insert the portable storage device containing the export files.

2. Copy the two export zip files from the portable storage device to the target server’s %AP_DATA%\Export folder.

3. Open Configuration Manager.

4. Click on the File tab and select Import Sessions. Click Browse to locate and set the desired export file as the Source of session definitions and then click Browse for the next field to locate and set the local Destination site directory:

5. As shown above, choose option Add the text 'imported' to the names.

6. Click the Import button to complete the process and import the Session Definition Set:


7. Open the Session Definition Sets folder and rename the imported Session Definition Set name to a unique name if it is the same for both source servers.  

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for the export file from the second source server.

9. Now the imported Session Definition Sets from both source servers should be available:

10. The Sessions folder can be opened under each imported Session Definition Set and Session Definitions can be copied as needed to the active Sessions folder of the Target Server.  

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