Account Selection - Order On Hold Due to Multiple Tenants (SAAS/CLOUD Products)
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Account Selection - Order On Hold Due to Multiple Tenants (SAAS/CLOUD Products)


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This article guides you in handling orders awaiting provisioning completion due to Multiple Accounts, offering flexibility to choose the suitable account for order fulfillment. Users can independently select their preferred account based on individual requirements.



If a company has multiple accounts, it puts the purchase order on hold.


If you are a provisioning contact i.e. technical contact or Admin for the SaaS product, you will receive an email to enroll subscription in the desired account for your order on hold. You can refer to the screenshot for sample.


        1)Click on the “Select Now” option available in the email you received.

        2) It will redirect you to BCP (Broadcom Customer Portal) website, & login using your credentials as you do for Broadcom Support portal.

        3)Select the account or create a new one by choosing the appropriate option, by default the option selected will be “Select an existing account”


     a) “Select an existing account

    1. Associated Account - This will display all the existing SaaS account that you (Product Admin/SaaS admin) are associated with irrespective of its your company or not.
       i)Once you select the any of the associated account the provisioning will be completed seamlessly. 
    2. All Accounts - Displays all accounts associated with that company only
      i)If you proceed to provision a subscription in an unassociated account the it will trigger an approval email to the admin of the selected account
      ii) The process will only be completed once the Admin of that SaaS account approves the request.
      * No notification is send when the Admin approves/rejects

    b) “Create a new account”
         i) This option helps you to create a new tenant for the SaaS account as per your requirements.
            1) Select the checkbox "Create a New account" and click on "YES" for new account creation
            2) When creating the new SaaS account, you'll need to provide a preferred account name for easy access and visibility. Additionally, include the                             reason for its creation for both your and our records

         ii) Once details are enter as per screenshot, click on "Submit" for the request to be processed.


After processing, the existing or new account is created. The addition might take 24 to 48 hours, and you'll receive email notification upon completion.