User with only Agreement navigate & view access can make attribute edits
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User with only Agreement navigate & view access can make attribute edits


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


User with only global access right Agreement – Navigate and OBS level access right Agreement – View (for OBS) in 16.1.3 is being presented with the UI typical for users having Agreement – Edit access, and is able to attempt changes to the attribute values, but the user does receive an access error message after attempting to change an attribute value, rather than being presented with read-only access to the attributes such is typical with view only access (compare to Ideas workspace where a user is not permitted with the ability to attempt to change the attribute value).



1- Assign OBS to Agreements
2- As admin, grant a test user via group both the global access right Agreement – Navigate, and the OBS level access right Agreement – View (like Resource Pool:Development)
3- As admin, create a test agreement instance and assign OBS (like Resource Pool = All Groups/Internal/Development)
4- Login as the test user, then:
5- Navigate to MUX Agreements
6- Open the Test agreement instance (that was created by Admin)

Expected Results: All attributes should be read-only since the test user only has view access to Agreements
Actual Results: Some attributes appear to allow the user to edit/modify the value, such as offering a dropdown selection that lets the user choose a new value, and which typically indicates user has edit/modify access; when user attempts to change the attribute value, then user gets an access error message.


This is being reviewed as DE78206.