Applying maintenance on Gen 8.6 GA.
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Applying maintenance on Gen 8.6 GA.


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Installed the base version of Gen 8.6 GA (published 2016) on z/OS and now wondering if there have been any updates since, on z/OS?  Getting ready to apply the latest patches to Gen 8.6 locally (Windows Server and Client) and need to determine if to do the same on z/OS.


Release : 8.6


If Gen 8.6 GA runtimes are installed and no PTFs have been applied, then download and install 2111 release into a new CSI. Another option is to download and install the 2210 z/OSMF release. However, if PTFs have been applied on top of GA, in order to keep that install, the option would be apply all outstanding PTFs for the runtimes and targeted middleware. 

With runtimes we expect the choice is apply 2111 or apply all PTFs for FMIDs pertaining to your site. For the FMID list, use the link below in additional information. If applying all PTFs, then we suggest use Create Order to get all the PTFs in one deliverable or download. Next step is deploy the Target datasets to a new set and customize any user exits. Use those datasets in the runtimes for test and validate.

Use the following JCL to verify what PTFs have been applied to your CSI and compare to our available PTFs. 

Add a job card at the top and supply YOUR.GEN.CSI: 

// add job card here
//* SMPE LIST SYSSMODS                              
//SMPCNTL  DD *                                     
 SET BOUNDARY (GLOBAL) .                            

Additional Information

Gen for z/OS FMID and installation information -