Deploy Robots in OC to Linux: script fails (4,Install Failure)
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Deploy Robots in OC to Linux: script fails (4,Install Failure)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Installing robots via OC to linux systems and the installation goes through correctly until the last steps when it fails. 

The rpm robot package is downloaded and successfully installed, however the script fails.

When we logon into the server we can see that the file /opt/nms-robot-vars.cfg is missing.

As a workround, manually copying the file from the Primary hub Nimsoft\probes\service\automated_deployment_engine\nms-robot-vars=##-##-#.# to /opt/nms-robot-vars.cfg and manually rerun the script the robot.cfg is created and the robot then runs and registers with the Primary hub.


ade log: 


####### 14:18:07,677 [pool-6-thread-7] FATAL AbstractActor - Error encountered during distribution of to target ##.##.#.# (4,Install Failure) 
com.nimsoft.ADE.core.DeploymentException: null 


What is causing this? 


Release : 20.4


non-root installations require full access to the target folder (Eg. /opt). 

If the permission is not granted this issue occurs 


Starting UIM 20.4CU7 it is possible to install non-root users on linux: Install a Robot As a Non-Root User on Linux (From DX UIM 20.4 CU7) (

Review the permissions the non-root user has on /opt. The user must have write permission on /opt to create the nms-robot-vars.cfg.