FDM z/OS - FORMATFPE1EXT - Trim Logic Error
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FDM z/OS - FORMATFPE1EXT - Trim Logic Error


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While attempting to mask DB2 tables on z/OS for Mainframe, using the FORMATFPE1EXT masking function, when a field has null value, we are getting this error

TDMM95/3900 ERROR - Trim Logic Error 



Release : TDM 4.10 with Mainframe Add-on 6.0.03


When using two options in concert (Run Option KEEPNULLS=Y and masking option KEEPFORMAT), the processing attempts to extract Numbers, Characters, and Special Characters, building element combinations and masking them separately, then recombining them to form the output. In this case, the input was NOT null. It was a combination of low-values and spaces. A fully null field would have been rejected, however, the combination resulted in an attempt to apply the KEEPFORMAT algorithm and extract characters that could be combined and masked. There were none, leading to the error message and termination.


This has been resolved in DE581883_COB62 (for COBOL 6.2) and DE581883_COB42 (for COBOL 4.2).

Additional Information

The patches are also available for download from the TDM Patches page.