Improve XCOM for z/OS transmission bit rate
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Improve XCOM for z/OS transmission bit rate


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Asking about the possibility of improvement in the transmissions carried out in XCOM for z/OS.
Currently, when parallel transmissions are carried out, we see that they begin with a transmission bit rate according to the demand of the transmission channel. As these files are sent by XCOM, the transmission channel is freed but the transmission bit rate remains constant in the files that are being transferred without increasing speed.
We need to know if there is a configuration in which XCOM transmissions can, to the extent that the sending channel to the destination is free, be able to increase the transfer bit rate and the sending of the remaining file(s) is completed more quickly.


Release: 12.0.01 (levelset 2202)


Support can provide advice on XCOM settings to improve the transfer performance, but that will not directly control the actual bandwidth used for that transfer. 

In terms of improving XCOM performance, there are some useful references:
Improving Performance for TCP/IP Transfers with XCOM for z/OS
That article focuses on maximum record packing which is probably the most important factor and also refers to this doc. page: XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Installing > Configure Your Product > Configure for Optimal Performance

NOTE: With recent PTF LU10772 the PACK parameter can now be set as a global parameter in the CONFIG member - see PACK (Global).

The article also mentions testing with COMPRESS=NO. Using Compression is CPU intensive and per this page "Networks that perform well and have sufficient capacity to process the data traffic to complete file transfers benefit least.": XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Administrating > Best Practices > Data Compression

However, if hardware compression (zEDC) is available that could be used to provide lower CPU usage
XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Administrating > Utilizing zEDC Hardware Accelerator
XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Administrating > Best Practices > Using zEDC Data Compression
Criteria for XCOM to use zEDC