Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles does not sync some roles
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Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles does not sync some roles


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The job Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles does not synchronize Roles with "." char in its Role ID.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Make sure that "Allow Jaspersoft Role Synchronization" is enabled in System Options (Administration => General Settings)

2. Create a new Group.
Administration => Organization and Access => Groups

Group Name: test1
Group ID: test.1

3. Add a Resource to the Group test1

4. Add the Group's Access Rights
Global => Reports - Access
5. On Advanced Reporting, select "Manage" => "Roles".

6. Add a new Role matching the Group ID: test.1
Role Name: test.1

7. In Clarity, go to Reports and Jobs => Jobs.
Select and Run the job "Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles".

Expected Results: The job to complete successfully. The resource_test user to be listed in the test.1 Role as a User with Role.

Actual Results: The job is complete, but the resource_test user is not synchronized with the test.1 Role in Adavnced Reporting.


This is currently being reviewed as DE78160