SSM3STUP utility fails with: Unable to enable rule 'SSMTMOMA'. ENABLE RC = 34
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SSM3STUP utility fails with: Unable to enable rule 'SSMTMOMA'. ENABLE RC = 34


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


When running the SSM3STUP utility to migrate from SSM V2 to SSM V3, the following error is encountered:

Unable to enable rule 'SSMTMOMA'. ENABLE RC = 34  

The use of the SSM3STUP utility is described in the "How to Use SSM Resource Policy Manager with an Existing SSM Environment" documentation located here:

where the following is stated:

To assist you with configuring AOF to run with the rules that are required by SSM Resource Policy Manager, you might decide to use new OPS/REXX utility SSM3STUP found in your hlq.CCLXEXEC library. SSM3STUP creates a new ruleset named SSMV3 and populates it with the required rules enabled and auto-enabled.



Release : 14.0


The SSM3STUP utility expects the rules that it copies and enables to be in the OPS/MVS hlq.CCLXRULM library. The SSMTMOMA rule, however, resides in the hlq.CCLXRULS library.


After review, the Sustaining Engineering team determined that the fix for this issue will be implemented at the next release boundary.

In the meantime, the workaround involves simply copying the SSMTMOMA rule from the OPS/MVS hlq.CCLXRULS library to the hlq.CCLXRULM library before running the SSM3STUP utility.