Upgrading from 10.7HF84 to 10.8
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Upgrading from 10.7HF84 to 10.8


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


When I did the upgrade from 10.7HF84 to 10.8

I've selected the option "upgrade database schema or create new database schema" and got this error message

Before upgrading I've removed all the TS_ tables from our "cemdb" database 

Would that be the reason I'm getting the error message?

I had to drop our previous "cemdb" database and re-run the installation by creating a fresh database.

What data was stored in my previous DB that I would of lost? Everything looks good. Curious to know what I could potentially be missing from my previous version. 



Release : 10.8


Q1) Why am I getting the error message? (database_name already exists and is not a valid database)

A1) Some EM may still be connected to the database. Or an older schema or schema issues may be the problem Previously, there was issues with ts_version needing an update. 

Q2)What data was stored in my previous DB that I would have lost? 

A2) CEM (Deprecated in APM 10.8) and Team Center data.