Auditor Baseline Configuration
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Auditor Baseline Configuration


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Auditor for z/OS


Auditor Baseline Configuration Steps


Release : 12.1


Examine Baseline Configuration Steps

  1. Set Up the EXAMMON Address Space

    1. EXAMMON Address Space
    2. Add the EXA Resource Rule Type Code for ACF2
    3. Define CAEXAMIN SAF Resource Class to ACF2
    4. Define Access to CAEXAMIN Resources Under ACF2
    5. EXAMMON and Baseline Historical Analysis
    6. EXAMMON and SMF Log Streams
  2. Baseline Setup
    Allocate the BASELINE history file to your online TSO/ISPF session.
    BLDBASE sampjcl to allocate the Baseline History file.

  3. Baseline Policy File Configuration
    Allocate policy file

  4. Policy Control Records
    Create Policy Control records for Baseline functions and intervals.

  5. Resolution Records
    Create Resolution records for how often Auditor polls for new job submission
    requests as it scans the POLTJS member for updates

  6. Run function 0.6.1 to create skeleton JCL used in the automatic batch job submission processing

  7. Run function 0.6.2 to create members EXAMBASE, SYSIN, and SYSTSIN