MUX: Populating String Attributes from Task's Details flyout screen is not being visible on Grid
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MUX: Populating String Attributes from Task's Details flyout screen is not being visible on Grid


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When data is being inputted to a string attribute created on Task object, from the Details flyout screen on MUX, the values are not getting immediately visible on this attribute present on the Task Grid. If multiple data entry is being done, then there is a lag and the values takes time to display across the records on the Task Grid.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a string type attribute on the Task object, for example Task Note, from Classic Studio. API Enable this attribute
  2. On MUX under any project, configure the Task grid view, to have the following fields: Name, Task Note, Start and Finish
  3. On MUX configure the Details flyout screen to have the following fields: Name, Start , Finish and Task Note
  4. Highlight / select the first task and click on the Details tab. Under the details screen, click on the Task Note attribute and enter a value
  5. Post above step, click on the second task and on the open Details screen, click the Task Note and enter a value for the second Task. Repeat the same activity for the third task

Expected Results: The Task Note attribute’s value, for each task on the grid view should be visible immediately, once the focus moves onto the next task

Actual Results: The Task Note attribute value is not visible, for each task. There is a lag, for example the Task Note’s value might get displayed for the third task, however for First and Second Task, it remains as blank. The data is there however, if we click on the First or the Second task, the respective Task Note Value are seen on the Details Flyout screen, but not on the Grid view.

Additional Information:

Grid View data entry: If the value is being entered in Task Note on the Grid view and then we tab onto the next field or click on the second row on the Grid view, the values are immediately displayed.




DE78011 is resolved in 16.2.1.