Discrepancy in the actuals when location changes
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Discrepancy in the actuals when location changes


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When Resource Location is changed and WIP adjustment is made the Actual Transaction shows the updated location, however the cost plan shows the unplanned line for the updated location.  In MUX when clicking on the actual transaction in MUX cost plan, the transaction will not appear as it has a different location.

In Actual Transaction the Location is the original location and does not match the cost plan.   Grouping and/or filtering does not work correctly.



1.  Financial Set Up

     - WIP Settings are set to Resource for all

     - Project Transaction Entry Defaults is set to Resource (at least for labor)


   this will ensure that the resource location will be used and not the project location


2. Use Financially enabled Resource and Financially enabled project with financial status open so you can create transactions.

    - Make sure the project's location is different than the resource's location to keep things clear.


3.  Add resource to the team - make sure there are allocations so a plan with numbers can be created


4.  Create a cost plan  grouped by location.  Populate from allocations.

    - check to make sure the plan is good


5.  Create and post a transaction for this project and resource


6.  Check the cost plan to see that actuals are on the cost plan line.


7.  Change the resource's location to something different, making sure it is different than the project's one still.


8.  Create a wip adjustment for the transaction and post it.


9.  Check the cost plan in MUX


Expected Results:  There is still only one line on the cost plan


Actual Results:  There are 2 lines on the cost plan but the unplanned line for actual costs has the updated location.  Note this is the same behavior in Classic and MUX.  However in MUX you have the ability to click on the actual transaction on the cost plan to see the details, but nothing is returned.

Actual Transactions show the Original Location which is the emplyhomelocation instead of the locationID which is what shows on the cost plan.


This is currently under review and being tracked as DE77657