How does SPE java sdk streaming file work?
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How does SPE java sdk streaming file work?


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services


Does SPE wait for the client to call 'Finish' API to start scanning the file? or

Does SPE start scanning after it has reached a set threshold



JAVA SDK for SPE 8.2.x-9.x



public interface StreamScanRequest

The StreamScanRequest interface is the interface for stream-based scanning. The file is not accessible to Symantec Protection Engine in StreamScanRequest, it has to be streamed across to the Symantec Protection Engine for scanning. The clients receive an object of type StreamScanRequest from ScanEngine's createStreamScanRequest() method, and then invoke various methods defined in the interface.

There are two scenarios under which the chunks of data are streamed for scanning:

If the file is available with the client, then the file can be scanned by invoking scanFile(String fileName) method. This method opens the file, streams it across to Symantec Protection Engine, and gets the file or response back.

If the client does not have the file, it must call the send() method recursively for each chunk of data and then the finish() method in order to scan the entire file.