MUX - Hierarchy Task Links Inconsistent
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MUX - Hierarchy Task Links Inconsistent


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SUMMARY: MUX - Hierarchy Task Links Inconsistent

The Task Links on a Hierarchy don't display consistently


1. Create a Blueprint for Hierarchy and add the "Tasks" module
2. Create a new Hierarchy, using the created Blueprint. Assign Investments that have Tasks tied to them.
3. Open the Hierarchy, go to "Tasks" module, and ensure you're on Grid.
4. Select a Row, and click "Details".
5. Go to the "Links", create a link, it will display.
6. While the details are displaying, select a different Row, and switch back to the original Row

Expected Results: The Link created should display as expected. 

Actual Results: Sometimes the link displays, sometimes it doesn't. If you keep going back and forth, it might work one time, and another time it won't. 


This is resolved in 16.2.1, was originally being tracked as DE77687