MUX - Required Date fields getting created with blank values
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MUX - Required Date fields getting created with blank values


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Custom Investment type object having a Date field, that is made as a required field through a Blueprint Rule. Also this Date Field is configured to default to the present system date, from Clarity Studio. On MUX, when an instance of this Custom Investment is thus created, on the Create Modal Screen, if this Date Field is Blank, even being as a required field, the Investment record gets created with a blank value in the Date Field. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a custom object, for example: Programs, with Object Extension as "Investment Extension"
  2. Create a date field for example: Approval Date. API Enable this field
  3. On the MUX, under the Investments workspace for the above created Programs, create an instance and mark it as a template. Please ensure that the date field: Approval Date is blank.
  4. On MUX, configure the associated Blueprint, create a Rule to have the above created date field as a required field (example: Approval Date)
    • Rule Type: View Page
    • Conditions: Always True
    • Actions: Include the fields which are to be mandated as a required field
  5. Configure the Blueprint's Create from Template section, to include this date field (example: Approval Date). Publish the Blueprint and make it the default Blueprint
  6. From the Classic UI, filter the investment object from studio and for the date attribute: Approval Date, set the default date as Today:
  7. On MUX, for the Investment create a record by selecting the New From Template option. Select the template created on Step 3, click on the Next button
  8. On the resulting Create Modal screen, input values for all fields, except for Approval Date, leave it as blank. The create button is enabled even if the Approval Date field being a required field has blank value. Click on the Create button to create the record.

Expected Results: Application should not allow creation of the record, since Approval Date field being a required field, has blank value

Actual Results: The investment record gets created with a blank value in the Approval Date field





DE77961 is fixed in version 16.2.1

Additional Information

The other scenario of the issue with a rule based required date field, is that when this date field has a value in it:

Create an investment record and mark it as a Template. Note, that the rule based date field: Approval Date, will have the preset date defaulted, as per the Step: 5, above:

Click on New From Template button and choose the above template. On the resulting Create modal screen, the Approval Date field, defaults to the system date and hence has value:

Clear the value of Approval Date. Then, edit any other remaining fields on the Create Modal Screen. Note that the moment any other field on the modal screen, is edited the Create Button gets enabled and the record could be created, disregarding the Approval Date field being blank

The Investment record gets created, however on the details screen, the Approval Date field has the defaulted present date, even if the value was cleared out on the Modal Create screen. So it seems like the date field is internally still referencing the defaulted value, even if the field's value is being cleared in the Modal Create Screen.