EZTC0100E occurs from Easytrieve 11.6
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EZTC0100E occurs from Easytrieve 11.6


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EZTPA00 program which ran fine with version 6.4 stated to issue error "EZTC0100E >>> $ end of statement expected" with version 11.6

Nothing changed in program, program is executed as usual but fails.


Release : 11.6


Control how the STOP statement is coded in programs and macros.

If necessary update the statement from STOP (EXECUTE)  to STOP EXECUTE in order to fix the issue.

As per the document, STOP statement with optional EXECUTE parameter must be is coded as STOP EXECUTE, this is the valid format for Easytrieve  version 11.6, 11.6C and 6.4.
However due to bug in 6.4 , it was possible to use wrong format STOP (EXECUTE) which was fixed in 11.6 version.