Virtual Machines Merge
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Virtual Machines Merge


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Client Management Suite


After upgrade to 8.7.1 customer may notice that some or all Virtual Machines merge in ITMS console


8.7.1 +


ITMS 8.7.1 has introduced a new key usage for identifying computer records.

We are not also using TPM encryption key for resource key's on computers

TPM encryption key is supposed to be unique, but what we have seen when VM's are being cloned the same key is being utilized for the cloned VM as the source.

Thus is Merge table of ITMS database you will see merge key will be tpmid value


Option 1

Create manually each wanted VM as VM hosts normally generate unique keys for each VM's

Option 2 

If the VM host allows to re-write TPM encryption key, like for example VMWare

Clone an Encrypted Virtual Machine (

VMware info on vTPM devices

Change the keys for the cloned vTPM.

Cloning a virtual machine duplicates the entire virtual machine, including the vTPM and its secrets, which can be used to determine a system’s identity. To change secrets on a vTPM, select Replace for TPM Provision Policy.