API Proxy URL has port included
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API Proxy URL has port included


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CA API Developer Portal


We are upgrading our portal from to 5.2.1 and gateway(9.4 to 11).When enrolling the upgraded portal with upgraded gateway we are getting the port no# 8443 in the API Proxy URL.

Our Gateway is behind F5 VIP.

In our current 4.5 we don't have port showing up on the proxy url but in the upgraded one we have it. Refer below the screen shot.

Due to this in all our API policy urls we have to specify port number all to call the APIs which is not acceptable to business and its a big change. Can you please help us how this enrollment url is getting generated and how to fix it so that it matched our current(as is) environment.


Portal 5.2.1




Release : 5.2.1