Monitoring sites showing monitor has errors
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Monitoring sites showing monitor has errors


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


For some monitoring sites it is showing this monitor is active and has errors.


Release : SAAS


After reviewing the logs with Engineering, their recommendation is that since your version is 6 years old, there could be a lot more wrong than just tunnel connectivity issues.  This code is very old and could take a very long time in troubleshooting. 

The requests to the https monitor (cbot) for this checkpoint were timing out. so definitely something wrong with the station. Since the station was offline since April, it could be anything and a lot of things more than just this part.  

Therefore we highly recommend upgrading the station by performing a Wipe+install the new docker-compose based version (23.10 is coming in a week) as this would save them (and us) a lot of time and effort in debugging and troubleshooting.  The newer version will be less of an effort if we need to debug and troubleshoot for everyone involved.