OPS/MVS : Delaying command execution in SSM action table
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OPS/MVS : Delaying command execution in SSM action table


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


How can we delay the start of a task by a few seconds ?
How to update in Action table ?



Release : 14.0


The SSMCMDS rule is a simple way of including a delay. If you use SSMV3 it is even easier but not required. You would just need to include a first command that would be just a display for example:

If you want to manually update the action table you could include an action as below:


See that the command D A,jobname will be issued then a dynamic TOD rule will wait for 30 seconds and then the start command will be issued. Off course the first command can be anything else.

To implement this rule SSMCMDS you can just copy it from the CCLXRULM library to one of your rulesets and enable it.