DataPower agent contains log4j <=1.x
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DataPower agent contains log4j <=1.x


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We have a number of DataPower agents that contain an Apache log4j jar that is less than version 1.x.  Is there a updated version of the DataPower agent or related infrastructure agent that has the DataPower module which has an updated log4j jar?




Release : 10.7.0


The Infrastructure now includes Data Power and is documented in :

In reviewing the 23.5 Release Notes,

You see the following:

Added Logback Support
Logging has moved from log4j framework to the logback framework for compliance reasons. Frequently used properties are exposed via IntroscopeAgent.profile and advanced configuration is maintained in agent-logback-configuration.xml. For more information, see Logging Using Logback and Logging Configuration.

So, please upgrade to 23.5 or later agent to mitigate this issue.