Autoforecast() script fails FAULT_OTHER | U00000002 EXISTS .
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Autoforecast() script fails FAULT_OTHER | U00000002 EXISTS .


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


When running the autoforecast via script like:

:set &ret# = autoforecast()

The script ends in FAULT_OTHER - Start impossible. Other error. Last Message :U00000002 EXISTS

This was reported on version 21.0.6 and above

There are no problems running the Autoforecast from the AWI via Process Monitoring -> Forecasts -> Autoforecast -> Recalculate



Release : 21.0.6 and above


This is caused by a defect with the AWI component


Solution: This has been fixed with the release of 21.0.9 (released 18 December, 2023)
Please note the fix is with the AWI component which requires the Automation Engine, Utilities, and Initialdata to be on the same service pack.


Delete the autoforecast before running the autoforecast() script.  This can be done by:

  1. In the AWI, go to Process Monitoring -> Forecasts -> Forecasts.  Right-click on AUTOFORECAST entry and choose Delete.
  2. Add a line before the autoforecast() line in the script with:

    :set &ret# = delete_forecast("AUTOFORECAST")

    so the full forecast script looks like:

    :set &ret# = delete_forecast("AUTOFORECAST")
    :set &ret# = autoforecast()